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“The Booze + Spirits Podcast” is a podcast celebrating ghostly stories and spirited beverages. Siblings Nick and Cait McDonald share their love of ghost stories and good drinks in an audio podcast that’s both campfire story and bartending guide.

Ep. 25 – Sphincter Obsession The Booze + Spirits Podcast

In a Hail Mary pass attempt at keeping our themes fresh at just-less-than-a-year into the podcast, we decided to talk about cursed films in this episode! Cait tells us about a movie that was so (rightfully) cursed that it never got finished, despite several attempts. Then Nick does it all for Damian by covering the bizarre circumstances behind-the-scenes on the set of 1976's The Omen. Finish it all off with a demonic-looking margarita, and way, WAY too much about sphincters, and you have a Booze + Spirits Podcast! Get the recipe for Bloody Orangey Margey here! Like the podcast? Want more? Tell a friend! You can also support our show by shopping our Teepublic store, donating through Anchor, or subscribing to our Patreon! Your support allows us the freedom to create more, bigger, and better content! Find and follow The Booze + Spirits Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And be sure to rate, review, and subscribe through Anchor, Apple, Spotify, Google, YouTube, or the podcast delivery system of your choice! Theme music is “Come Back Down” by The Lonely Wild, licensed through audiio. Remember to drink responsibly and in accordance with your local laws. Don’t end up our next ghost! — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/booze-spirits/support
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