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Good Night, and Good Luck…

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce that The Booze + Spirits Podcast is going to…well, let’s say ‘go into torpor’. Keeping up with things has become a pressure that isn’t always compatible with aspects of our lives, and not having to worry about deadlines rapidly escaping our grasps would be some benefit to our mental healths.

We still have at least one more episode in the pipe that has yet to be released, so we will get that one finished and out into the world. We also still have quite a library of deleted material, so we’ll occasionally trickle those out to the world as well. We also intend to occasionally stick things up here on the site as the mood grabs us, so we’re not totally abandoning things right now, just taking a break from any kind of definite recording schedule.

Nick has a couple alternate audio project ideas in mind that he’s working on–those may or may not become incorporated under the Booze + Spirits banner, depending on the appropriateness of their thematic elements. Cait, for elements I won’t directly state but are easily guessed at, won’t be drinking for the next several months, so her ability to scribe new recipes for us will definitely be hampered. Mel likes Supernatural.

So, for now, it’s a mild farewell, though we certainly hope to see you in the next incarnation as soon as we are able.


Cover photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Booze + Spirits Stickers!

We have finally received our shipment of stickers! These five designs compose the first series of Booze + Spirit Podcast stickers. Hopefully we can keep these up and do more designs in the future.

If you want to get your own hands on these stickers, we are sending them to everyone who subscribes to our Patreon for their first month’s subscription. There’s sure to be other ways to get these goodies into your hot little hands, so be sure to follow our social media on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know!

Booze +Spirits Tales

We thought it might be a fun idea to write out some of the stories that we tell on the podcast. After all, it can be hard to retell a story solely from listening to it, especially after it’s been buffeted on all sides by profanity and inside jokes.

So, starting this week, we’ll be sharing written versions of our tales here on the website, about once or twice a week. Hope you all enjoy it!

Cover photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

We Have a Patreon!

Not that that’s some great accomplishment, but there it is. At this point, we’re mostly including additional audio tidbits: extra clips from the cutting room floor, raw cuts of the recordings before they get edited for broadcast, and even early access to podcast episodes. Associated content from earlier episodes are already populated to the Patreon feed for subscriber perusal.

We’re working on creating some video content: that will all end up on our YouTube channel eventually, but we’re going to offer early access to that via Patreon as well.

Finally, we have sets of Booze + Spirits stickers coming in soon, and all Patreon subscribers will receive a set with their first month’s subscription! We’ll show off the stickers when they get in our hands, and have other ways to obtain them in the future.

We’re really excited to get our Patreon going–subscribers mean income and income means we can dedicate more time to creating content. And we have lots of future ideas for merch and content that we’d love to share as the podcast and its viewership grows!

Cover photo by Judita Maldziute from Pexels