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Ep. 25 – Sphincter Obsession

Show Notes

In a Hail Mary pass attempt at keeping our themes fresh at just-less-than-a-year into the podcast, we decided to talk about cursed films in this episode! Cait tells us about a movie that was so (rightfully) cursed that it never got finished, despite several attempts. Then Nick does it all for Damian by covering the bizarre circumstances behind-the-scenes on the set of 1976’s The Omen. Finish it all off with a demonic-looking margarita, and way, WAY too much about sphincters, and you have a Booze + Spirits Podcast!

Get the recipe for Bloody Orangey Margey here!

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Theme music is “Come Back Down” by The Lonely Wild, licensed through audiio.

Featured image photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Remember to drink responsibly and in accordance with your local laws. Don’t end up our next ghost!

We Have a Patreon!

Not that that’s some great accomplishment, but there it is. At this point, we’re mostly including additional audio tidbits: extra clips from the cutting room floor, raw cuts of the recordings before they get edited for broadcast, and even early access to podcast episodes. Associated content from earlier episodes are already populated to the Patreon feed for subscriber perusal.

We’re working on creating some video content: that will all end up on our YouTube channel eventually, but we’re going to offer early access to that via Patreon as well.

Finally, we have sets of Booze + Spirits stickers coming in soon, and all Patreon subscribers will receive a set with their first month’s subscription! We’ll show off the stickers when they get in our hands, and have other ways to obtain them in the future.

We’re really excited to get our Patreon going–subscribers mean income and income means we can dedicate more time to creating content. And we have lots of future ideas for merch and content that we’d love to share as the podcast and its viewership grows!

Cover photo by Judita Maldziute from Pexels