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RECIPE: A Case of the Vapours

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until well chilled and strain into a chilled martini glass. Don’t be afraid to add a little simple syrup if you like a sweeter drink.

Episode 11 – Amanda from “The Feminine Macabre”

Show Notes

We’ve got a guest! We’re almost like a real podcast now! In this episode, Nick and Cait sit down with Amanda R. Woomer of spookeats.com to talk about her haunted restaurant and hotel website, her origin and adventure in hospitality paranormal research, and about her newest book, “The Feminine Macabre”, a compendium journal written exclusively by women in the paranormal field. Afterwards, Cait discusses some of her own haunted restaurant experiences, and creates a spooky yet feminine take on the classic Cosmopolitan.

Fine the recipe for A Case of the Vapours here.

Unlike most of our episodes, this one was recorded for video first and audio second. To get the extended video version of this episode, head on over to our YouTube page.

Amanda R. Woomer runs the paranormal investigation site spookeats.com. For ordering information on “The Feminine Macabre” or to see submission guidelines for Volume II, click here. To see the rest of Amanda’s books visit Spook-Eats store page.

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Remember to drink responsibly and in accordance with your local laws. Don’t end up our next ghost!