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RECIPE: Kanaka Death Orgy

Shake all ingredients, except dark spiced rum,  with ice until combined and frothy. Strain into a tiki mug with fresh ice.  Top with dark spiced rum float (gentle pour to try to keep the rum together on top).  Garnish with all the fruit you can find!

Chai-Infused Whiskey

Combine 8 oz. Pendleton Whisky with 4 scoops of Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai in a mason jar or other air tight container.  Let set for at least a week.

You can also use 3-4 chai tea bags of your choice. Dip them briefly in hot water before adding to the whisky to get a more potent spice flavor.

Episode 15 – Death Below the 49th Parallel

Show Notes

The borders may still be closed, but Nick and Cait are taking a trip to Canada anyway. Victoria, BC is one of their favorite places, and with Victoria Day is just around the corner, it only seems right to tell stories of ghosts and murder in The Garden City. First, Cait tells us about some of the many permanent residents of the Empress Hotel, then Nick tells the story of ethereal axe-murder Kanaka Pete. Then Cait ties all the pieces together with a Canadian whiskey tiki drink that celebrates Victoria’s relationship with multiculturalism. How ya doin’, eh?

Get the recipe for the Kanaka Death Orgy here!

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“O Canada” is performed by Henry Burr and used under Creative Commons License CC-4.0-BY-NC. Theme music is “Come Back Down” by The Lonely Wild, licensed through audiio.

Featured image photo Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels

Remember to drink responsibly and in accordance with your local laws. Don’t end up our next ghost!