Episode 007 – Voodoo YASS Queen!

Episode Notes It’s getting murky in here! In this episode of The Booze + Spirits Podcast, Nick takes us on a quest for bloody Confederate vengeance, Cait introduces us to a Voodoo priestess who refused to die alone, and Theo the dog gets his butt in everything. All this, plus a lemony tequila drink that’sContinue reading “Episode 007 – Voodoo YASS Queen!”

Episode 006 – Macomb Smokeshow

Episode Notes Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, there’s the McDonald siblings. In this episode, Nick and Cait have turned their eyes to stories of supernatural smoke and fire this week, as we visit a fiery poltergeist (feuergeist?) in Illinois and a witch’s tree in North Carolina that refused to burn down.Continue reading “Episode 006 – Macomb Smokeshow”

Episode 005 – Christmas Special 2020

Episode Notes Holiday tidings to you all! Once upon a time, it was traditional to gather family and friends together on Christmas Eve and share tales of ghosts and spirits to scare and delight each other, a tradition that sorely needs to make a come back in our opinion! So in this special episode, joinContinue reading “Episode 005 – Christmas Special 2020”

Episode 004 – The Hair of the Camel

Episode Notes In this episode, we investigate the legend of The Red Ghost, a demonic beast that terrorized the American Southwest in the late 19th century. From there, things get tangential as we discuss camelcide, ghost miner role-call, and how to properly cook your wine. *Technical Note: Again, we had some serious audio problems onContinue reading “Episode 004 – The Hair of the Camel”

Episode 003 – Salty Bill’s Limp Richard

Episode Notes Everyone knows at least one story about a Lover’s Lane ghost, but let’s call these specters what they really are: cockblockers. In this episode we investigate a trio of these incorporeal cockblockers–The Pitcher Man, The Bandage Man, and Skinned Tom. And in case you haven’t been blocked enough, a salty, foamy whiskey drinkContinue reading “Episode 003 – Salty Bill’s Limp Richard”

Episode 002 – New London Old Fashioned

Episode Notes In this episode, we travel to the Atlantic coast off Connecticut to visit one of America’s most unique buildings, the New London Ledge Lighthouse, and try a bright and bloody take on a whiskey Old Fashioned. All this, plus Nick tripping on his own tongue and bartending sins that will cause Cait toContinue reading “Episode 002 – New London Old Fashioned”

Episode 001 – Rooftop Lady

Episode Notes The podcast has landed! Join Nick & Cait as they hash through total inexperience and sub-par equipment to bring you two chilling tales of spectral women and a spooky take on a Tom Collins. This episode’s recipe is the Rooftop Lady Like the podcast? Want more? Tell a friend! And be sure toContinue reading “Episode 001 – Rooftop Lady”